TNE International is an International Trade company that specializes in supplying metal, plastic, and rubber components and related assemblies. We are a world class company that supplies directly to European and North American markets for heavy industry, light industry, and consumer goods.  This includes experience in sub-markets such as:  electrical motors, truck, tractor, bus, forklift mast, automotive,  gas and oil, valves,  construction/mining and specialty purpose vehicles, hydraulic cylinders and actuators, gearboxes, and waste water filtration. 

Our proven track record of reliable delivery, high quality, value engineering, and overall supply-chain optimization have served our customers to reduce overall cost and improve the design of the components that we  supply.

Because we are able to supply such a wide range of different processes, our customers are able to consolidate suppliers without losing capability or flexibility in their supplier base.  We offer metal fabrication processes such as casting, forging, stamping, welding, extrusion, precision machining, grinding; plastic and rubber processes such as blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, die cut, compression and transfer molding; and assembly with PoP packaging and kitting value adds.  We are equally diverse in terms of the materials and size range we offer.

Along with these core processes, we offer a variety of ancillary processes, such as plating, painting, heat treatment, and others.  Our NDT capabilities include UT, MT, FPI, and radiographic inspection.